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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. playoff fever returns to the bay area as the san francisco giants return home ahead of tomorrow's big game. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> and hello again everyone i'm heather holmes. >> the san francisco giants are gearing up for their next battle as they take on the st.
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louis cardinals and our coverage continues tonight. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in san francisco where both teams got in a final practice. >> reporter: they did, heather and the giant's players say they are very happy to be home. now they are going to be taking on a team that had an equally improbable path to get this far. it wasn't all serious at at&t park this afternoon. as giant's first baseman pablo sandoval did his best umpire impression, but they say they will have their game faces ready for the st. louis cardinals. >> you look at the series we both had, so everything about it, a well-fought series. everything about both team we're scrappy and both fighters and both believe in ourselves reason a photo tweeted by sand val sandoval shows on plane in cincinnati not knowing if they had to fly to washington or come home to san francisco. >> we were all kind of crowded
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around cain's ipad and i think one time we had a flightplan and ten minutes later we were heading home. >> we're behind them 100%. >> they are going to win. >> reporter: got any predictions for me? >> i'm not sure, but he hope they are going to win. >> reporter: it's also something of a home- game for daniel decalso who still lives in san francisco. >> either watching in seats or playing on the field, the crowd is always loud and i expect nothing less tomorrow. >> reporter: we checked the popular ticket website, only standing room tickets starting at $100, eric rasmussen. some scary moments first base coach roberto kelly was hit in the head by a
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baseball during batting practice. you can see his reaction a moment later. players, coaches and trainers all rushed out to the 48-year- old laying on the field behind 2nd base. >> roberto was hitting ground balls and the ball came over the screen and line drive off the bat. >> kelly was taken to the hospital and given a ct scan before being diagnosed with a concussion. if doctors give him the okay he expected to be on the followed for the game tomorrow night. meanwhile the american league championship series is under ways and it was a very exciting game as the yankees separate it into extra kinnings. coming up in sportswrap fred inglis has highlights. between the 49ers game at
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candlestick park and the giant's game at at&t park, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us how to dress. >> ken, at least no rain in forecast and no major heat. as you can see our forecast model does increase fog overnight. so for both venues we're going to have fog and the clouds pull back and reveal party sunny skies. and at&t park lots of clear squeeze and once again cloud cover tomorrow morning into the early portion of the afternoon, but by 5:00, mostly clear and readings dropping back to the upper 50s. >> well, good to know, thank you mark the national league championship series kicks off tomorrow on ktvu. the giants take on the st.
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louis calendars at at&t park in san francisco. our coverage begins at p.m. that is right after the 49ers game. can you see the niners take on the new york giants at 1:00 p.m.. be sure to visit our website and click on the mlb playoffs tab. in other news friends and family gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember a hollister school teacher's whose body was discovered early this morning. noelle walker tells us what the suspect allegedly told police about her dame. >> so we come this evening to honor heather carroll. >> reporter: in times of sorrow, there is strength in numbers. friends and family gathered today to say goodbye to a young mother whose life ended too soon. 25-year-old heather carroll was reported missing on wednesday. fliers dottedded town of hollis section include one taped to the garage of a family friend's how's, the home where police say they found her body.
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>> you would think that somebody who is a close relationship would put posters up and participate potentially in her search. not knowing at the time everybody else that you might have had something to do with. >> reporter: neighbors on this cul-de-sac were told to evacuate and richard curry didn't hear the order. >> i took a nap and the cop goes get back in your house. >> it was weird to see people with guns on our street. >> reporter: investigators with the state crime lab collected evidence all day. police say the suspect told investigators he got into an argument with the victim and that her death was accidental. >> he did tell us that he was responsible for her death. >> reporter: as neighbors trying to resume some normalcy, they couldn't drown out the thought of what happened on their once quiet street. >> it's very troubling, but i'm glad they got the guy. i feel sorry for the family.
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>> reporter: about 200 people came out to this vigil saying that they now more than ever have to lean on each other. in hollister, noelle walker ktvu channel 2 news de la fuente solano county officials say authorities shot a rio vista woman after she tried to run over officers with her car. it land on collinsville road. according sot sheriff's department, 69-year-old woman led a rio vista police officer and a sheriff's deputy on a short chase after she ran a stop sign. once she was boxed in they say they rammed her truck into the deputy's car. that is when two police officers and the sheriff's deputy fired they are weapons. she was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and booked into the solano county jail. today the family of slain schoolteacher suess suzeie ko says services will be held next friday morning at st. patrick's church. ko tute taut at st. patrick's
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school for 13 years and found stabbed to death had her hercules home eight days ago. police say husand wife from west covina will be charged with her murder. a oakland man who found in his living room riddled with bullet holes and the floor littered with bullet fragments is calling on police to step up patrols. gregory nash showed ktvu news where the bullets struck him home. now nash says early this morning his family hurt gunfire and they hit the floor. but it wasn't until they actually woke up this morning that they realized those bullets actually struck their house. nash says late last month a neighbor's house was hit by more than 55 bullets and just last week he says a car was shot up on his street. >> i want to go into house until they figure out why they
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are shooting up the houses. >> well, no one was injured in the gunfire today and there is no word tonight on what sparked that shooting. shooting scenes like that led to action today and coming up in five minutes what these oakland teenagers plan do to help stop the violence. cal aaas says a woman is hospitalized after she was accident rally hit by a train this morning in san francisco. a spokesman says the woman was on the tracks near 16th street and struck by the train around 10:20 a.m. caltrain says it does not appear to be a suicide attempt. 160 passengers on that train were transferred to another train. service returned to normal by about noon. a string of accidents in oakland sent several people to the hospital this morning. the highway patrol says a man fell asleep at the wheel and hit norm car in the northbound
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lanes near hegenberger room. minutes later a man in the same area was rear-ended and hit another car. we're told all of the injuries were minor. a warning tonight from two bay area cities about a very familiar scam. christien kafton is here. >> reporter: police say the suspect in oakland and the two suspects in the cases in san francisco were all using safety vests similar to this one. oakland police say thursday evening officers received a call from a woman whoses a man in a work vest with a tag reading oakland public safety showed up at her home asking detailed questions about her alarm system. police say the worker was on the ground boggus. residents say word has spread. >> it comes with email and neighbors let neighbors know what happened. >> reporter: she repeat hi had a utility worker show up at her home, but
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she didn't let him inside. >> he said there is a problem with your bushes and i sid put it in the mailbox and he said okay and he did that and left. >> reporter: san francisco police say a nob hill man a man told him he was with the water determine. the resident let him in and found that the phony worker had robbed him. neighbors say that the suspect play have been targeting a specific demographic. >> a lot of people know if they don't speak english and don't know what is going on and open the door. >> near city college a different suspect told a woman there ways water main nearby and he needed to test her water. she let him inside, but got suspicious. he left without taking anything. neighbors here say it's best to double check. >> i would contact the local water department or whoever he says is he working for just to
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get my facts straight. >> reporter: police in both cities are telling residents to not open the door for strangers and to ask to see employee identification. if utility workers do show up on your doorstep. live in oakland, christien kafton, ktvu charles. channel 2 news. frightening moments as the fire breaks out and the puzzling questions facing firefighters. and president obama gets a big boost from a big-name in musi
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. some east bay teens are taking a stand against violence that plagues their oakland neighborhood. as ktvu's ann rubin reports the teens say enough is enough. >> what do you want-peace. >> what do you want it? >> now. >> reporter: it was a small group with i big message, these west oakland teens are trying to put an end to the violence, drugs and dysfunction that they say they see almost daily. 17-year-old thomas newell says it needs to stop. >> i just lost a friend the other day. so i'm really in this program because i want to see change myself. >> reporter: his friend died monday on a shooting and there have been others. >> i would say three kids within the last two months and
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it's hard to see our kids endure this at such a young age. >> reporter: the group alternatives in action for teens taking responsibility for themselves. >> if we sit back, either part of solution and you are part of the problem and my young people are deciding to be a part of the solution. >> reporter: the march tried to draw as much attention from onlookers. >> some people might get inspired and actually march with us. >> it could stop here. it could stop. >> reporter: thomas newell believes that they can help curb the violence one family and one school at a time. he thinks today was a good start. >> my personal message is to come out and actually join us and try to help promote the change and not be part of the violence and the cycle. >> reporter: the launch of this anti- violence campaign will continue with a series of rallies and vigils throughout the week. in oakland ann rubin, ktvu
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channel 2 news. san francisco police are investigating if three men currently in custody are involved in a shooting at van ness and lombard street. there is no word on the condition of that victim. petaluma police are looking for the man they say tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car on thursday near petaluma high school. the freshman told police the man asked her if she wanted a ride. she refused and walked back to the school. the driver is described as 1-20 years old and the car described as a blue four-door sedan. there were some frightening moments in hayward when a fire broke out@a motel-6. the fire was reported at 6:15 at the motel on industrial drive. firefighters say the fire
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started in a second floor room that was unrented and apparently unoccupied at the time. one man described what he heard. >> people were coming out and running down the stairs and panicking. i opened my door and i saw smoke out of that room. >> firefighters say when they arrived flames were coming out of door and windows of room. they were able to put the fire out within minutes, but the room was badly damaged. fire inspectors say they have not yet determined what caused that fire. in election 1202012 news, republican presidential mitt romney criticized the president for talking about what he says are trivial things instead of what he says matter. >> so many people out of work, so much debt, so many people in turmoil around the world. this is a time for america to have leadership, that will help guide us together again. >> rhomeyney's running mate
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was also in ohio at his own rally in youngstown. paul ryan talked about economic issues and the future of the country and later in the day he made time to root for his alma mater at the bowling green university. the congressman greeted several supporters and volunteers. president obama did not have any public appearances, but his campaign did announce today it has surpassed 4 million donors. during his weekly address the president also focused on the economy, and jobs. >> just this week, gm announced that they plan to hire 1500 workers for a new research center in michigan to help make sure that the high- tech cars of tomorrow are designed and built like here in america. >> later this afternoon mr. obama arrived in williamsburg, virginia, that is where he is spending tomorrow to prepare
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for his second debate with mitt romney coming up next week. >> bruce string steen is scheduled to headline a rally in ohio and iowa next week. the boss will be joined by former president bill clinton. springsteen will make an appearance in ames, iowa. the second presidential debate will be held at hofstra university in new york on ktvu channel. we'll be sure to carry the debate tuesday at 6:00 p.m. >> we have an update on a story that we have following in the south bay, san josi firefighters say they arrest ade woman where they say more
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than ten fires have been deliberately set. most have been in dumpsters, shrubs and trees. because the fires were within feet of houses, firefighters were very concerned that they could spread to a home. tonight while stake, out the area fire verges say they spotted a 56-year-old woman lighting a fire in a garage can. actor and television host gary collins died today. collins serves at master of ceremonies for the miss america passageaent in the 1980's and 90s and started in "the six sense once and "born free." >> and hosted the syndicated talk show. officials in harrison county, mississippi say the 74-year-old collins died of natural causes. happening now there is still just a few hours to go
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before the space shuttle endeavour arrives at its final destination in los angeles. we want to show you a live picture of the space shuttle and it's very slowly make its way through the streets of los angeles. it begin from the los angeles airport yesterday morning and expected to finish the 12-mile trip to the california science center around 2:00 or 3:00 this morning. earlier in the day there were large crowds and parties in the streets as the endeavour made it's way through l.a.. it was slowed by tight turns, felled trees and even trucks. nonetheless tens of thousands people stuck it out and watched the shuttle come by. the five-story shuttle that traveled eight speed of 17,500 miles per hour in space crawled through l.a. at a speed of, get this, about 2 miles per hour. very, very cool pictures
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there. all right, showing signs of improvement. what a young pakistani girl is able to do after being shot by the taliban after speak out for women's rights. >> how this base-jumper made a
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
. people in a denver suburb released balloons today for the family of jessica ridgeway. the search for the missing 10- year-old ended wednesday when her body was up for in a park about seven miles from her home in westminster. police believe that the 5th grader was abducted on her way to school eight days ago.
11:57 pm
the fbi and the state law enforcement have joined in the hunt for her killer. there is word from pakistan that the young girl shot in the head by the taliban is showing small signs of improvement. as doctors reduce the sedation for 14-year-old malala yousufzai, she was able to move her hands and feet. the taliban has claimed responsible for shooting the teenager in the head earlier this week. two other girs were also wounded in that same attack. yousufzai is an outspoken advocate for the rights of girls and women to be educated. in other news of the world in pakistan, a bomb went off in a crowded area. it's not clear how many of the dead were in the office. the least 40 other people were wounded many of them children. in syria the assad regime
11:58 pm
announced that turkish plans are not longer allowed to fly over syria. tensions have been growing between syria and turkayey after a series of cross-border incidents. and wild video from norway. this is hendriksen attending a high jump. henriksen plunged over the 4,000' cliff and incredibly he survived, opening a parachute in the nick of time. he says he didn't realize how close he was to death until he watched the video of the stunt with his five children. he says it was then how he realized just how close he had come to leave them without a father. an austrian daredevil will make hesitate third dry at breaking the record for the
11:59 pm
highest skydive. the weather forecast for new mexico is looking good for felix baumgartner's latest attempt. he plans to parachute 23 miles from the earth. he noted that tomorrow is the day of the anniversary that chuck yeager first broke the sound barrier from a plane in 1957. >> 50 years ago tomorrow, the cuban missile crisis was sparked. president jfk and his aides worked to avoid a confrontation with russian president khruschchev. the soviet missiles left cuba and the u.s. dismantled its own missile installations in turkey. a new recall, targeting a popular dog treat and the first
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. this giant geyser erupts r after a car crash into a fire hydrant. this hydrant the fire department responded to the scene and capped the hydrant. we have more details about that boat rescue on san francisco bay that we first told you about last night on the 10:00 news, the coast guard still has not released the cause of the accident. which threatened to sink a charter boat carrying 22 people celebrating a bachelor party. the boat, the neptune, colloided with something near alcaraz island around 8:30 friday night. san francisco police and the coast guard quickly rescue the passengers. crew managed to keep the boat afloat long enough to get it to
12:03 am
a boatyard in sausalito. >> wildlife experts in lake tahoe are asking boaters to be patient as they blanket about five underwater acres with a thin rubber barrier aimed at suffocating the asian clams. boaters have r-asked to romaine at least 200' from the project area at the mouth of emerald bay. the death toll from the recent meningitis outbreak has jumped to 15. officials with the centers for disease control said today there were 198 confirmed cases in eleven different states all linked to the steroid shots received for back pain. so far there are no reported
12:04 am
cases here. >> some big thinkers are sharing ideas in a conference in san francisco. the singularity summit focused on greater than human intelligence. temple grandin, who is autistic spoke about different ways of thinking using the scene of of steve jobs and the reich phone. iphone. that is an example of two different kinds of minds working together. >> the singularity summit continues through tomorrow at the masonic center on nob hill. >> flight cancellations are coming to american airlines and could affect travelers who already purchased tickets. airline will cut 31 flights aday in the first half of november. airline says it's an attempt to recover from bankruptcy. the peninsula humane society is hoping to find homes
12:05 am
for dozens of cats by waiving dozens of fees. they have close to 80 kittens and cat as valuable. the shelter will waive it's normal $80 fee. each cat is spade or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. a pet food company is recalling dog treats that could be could be contaminated with salmonella. the company officials say no pet or human illnesses have been reported, but they suggest that pet owners monitor themselves and their dog for any sipes of salmonella and seek medical care if those symptoms appear. almost 50 residents turned out for a first of its kind fire drill in marin county. fire officials say it's particularly important because access is limited by ordinary
12:06 am
careo, winding roads. one resident says she was happy her family participated in the drill because it forced them to talk about their emergency plans. >> it brings it to an everyday conversation that this is something that could happen and that if it does happen you know what to do. >> today's drill was organized by several associations. it was a particular message that was visible for miles. thousands of activists took aim at a controversy supreme court decision. this week's wet weather is on its [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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show you another live predict of the shuttle endeavour, slow making that way through los angeles it its new home of buffalo predict and you can see even at this hour a lot of people turn out to watch as it travels to lax to the california science center. the shuttle expected to arrive there around 2:00, 3:00 this morning, but it's been moving slowly, 2 miles per hour. >> it's pretty crazy to see it creeping along the streets there. lots to talk about what is happening in san francisco tomorrow. how is the weather going to be? >> the weather will cooperate for tomorrow and into the afternoon it looks like pretty nice with more sunshine, but temperatures will cool off a little bit coast side. right now on live stormtracker
12:10 am
2 a batch of high clouds offshore. we have lower clouds developing and i noticed that fog bank developing out in the pacific. we have a pretty good onshore breeze and with that will transfer the fog into the bayside locations first thing sunday morning. temperatures this afternoon, you probably noticed the warm-up compared to yesterday. very cool numbers. these readings into the 60s and 70s. santa rosa 77, antioch 76, for tonight, partly cloudy skies and tomorrow some morning cloud korch. warm numbers inland and this is the developing headline, a big warming trend, talking about 70s and 80s and a few neighborhoods approach the lower 90s. in the morning, reading in the upper 40s to the 50s. san josi 55 and antioch around 50 degrees. so for sunday, basically into monday we're going to hold on
12:11 am
the onshore breeze and as a result, cloud cover first thing in the morning. temperatures mainly in the 60s near the immediate coast. high pressure developing offshore will continue to strengthen and move into northern california. timing on this begins on tuesday, but really kicks in wednesday and thursday. with that folks clear out and beaches easily back into the 00s. >> inland spots near 90s. we'll have to keep an eye on the fire danger this time of year with the onshore winds, it could remain elevated. clouds first thing tomorrow morning, but still patchy fog nearby. inland shot lots of 70s out there. forecast highs oakland around 74, livermore, 80, brentwood 81 and san josi will be maxing out
12:12 am
in the upper 70s,around 78. looking pretty good for both games. a look ahead with your five-day forecast, with your week always in view, temperatures not too much many change into monday, but heather and ken, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we strip away the low clouds and fog. the beach weather just beautiful. so keep that in mind. >> i will mark my calendar. >> thank you, mark. >> it was a picture-perfect day at ocean beach for a very serious message. about a thousand people joined together this morning to form the words "dump citizens united." participants said they are angry about the 2010 supreme court decision that allows corporations to make virtually unlimited
12:13 am
donations to political action committees. >> we hope that the tide is turning on our government and we're going take back our country for the people. >> here is an aerial photo of that human banner. the organize ising actually a san francisco taxicab cipher who has put together about a dozen events over the years. >> coming up next we hear more >> coming up next we hear more from the giant as they [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice.
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. good evening everybody and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. stanford played a sloppy game
12:16 am
in sloppy conditions today in south bend and then the referees had a quick whistle that cost them the chance to beat notre dame for the fourth straight time. notre dame never trail in the first five games of the season, but fumbled five times. everett golson is getting sacked and chase thomas landing on. stanford's only touchdown of the game, stanford led 10-3 and stayed that way into the 3rd quarter. to eifert, nice effort, eifert. two penalties crushed this drive. one for a personal foul on golson. golson leaves the game. for the record sect straight week stanford goes to overtime. notre dame score og their first drive with back-up quarterback
12:17 am
tommy rees to tj jones. bad throw, great catch. 4th down, taylor trying to score. check it again, his knee never hit the ground. his knee never hit the ground. the ball crosses the goal-line, but referees say he crossed after they blew the whistle. they reviewed it and you can see that taylor kept pushing and pulling and the call stood up. cardinals fall to 4-2. fayler ran for 102 yards and he needed 103. stanford's high-powered officer is officially shut down for the season as cardinals visit cal next saturday for the big game. and those cal golden bears had a much easy opponent in pullman, washington. washington state's new head coach mike leach led texas tech over cal in the 2004 holiday bowl. remember the holiday bowl? forget that. the cougars can kiss your husband. look at
12:18 am
the moves by keenum allen. 7-3 when anderson scores the first of his two touchdowns. cal led 14-3 at halftime. zach maynard throwed a couple interceptions. they will host next week's big game with a 3-4 overall record. san josi state had nice weather, but utah state runed their homecoming. san josi state's fales spots grigsby, grigsby is now the spartan's all team leading receiving yards. this is kerwin williams, get your motor running. head on down the highway. kerwin williams three touchdowns. this is an 86-yarder. spartans lose 49-27.
12:19 am
stanford already lost to usc and washington. southern cal's downtown brown takes it and they win 24-136789 trojans 5-1, huskies, 3-3. tenth-ranked oregon state started back-up quarterback cody vaz. he hasn't thrown a pass since 2010, but beats byu by throwing three touchdowns. undefeated oregon state beats beautiful beautiful. in tiger stadium coach miles wanted the tigers to turn it up and they did against south carolina. look at jay hill, a 50-yard touchdown. lewis hands no. 3 south carolina its first loss
12:20 am
23-21. >> texas tech ra red raid ers gave west virginia a dose of its own medicine. today seth doege threw six passes against the mountaineers. texas tech hands 5th-rank west virginia it's first loss of the year, 49-14. uh-uh longhorn fans you wouldn't like to hear this. of the 107 red river game between texas and oklahoma was the longest run in this storied rivalry. sooners damian williams 95-yards to paydirt. 13th-rank oklahoma beats 15th-ranked texas 63-21. >> yankees hosted detroit in game one of the national league championship series and tigers never trailed in this gamement they led 2-0 in the 8th when young takes lowe deep.
12:21 am
they bring in valverde. manager tim leland may be loyal to a fault and kept valverde in: in:raul ibañez ties at game at 4. and later leland said there will be a team decision on valverde's status as a closer. young comes up big again with a shot to left. nick swisher can't come up with and cabrera scores. 5-4 and tigers added an uninsurance run. jhonny peralta to the plate. watch this again, because you can see on the replay
12:22 am
that derek jeter factured his ankle and will be out rest of the playoffs. tigers win 6-4. >> st. louis and the begins held separate workouts at at&t park, stretching ot their travel legs before tomorrow's game one of the national league championship series. they saw the visiting cardinals score 4 runs to beat the nationals 9-7. the giants may be the first team to win three road games and come back and win a series, but the defending champions are defying the odds. it's impressive what the cardinals did and really if you look at the game that we had and the game that they had, they were similar. we were up 6-0, barely hang on and they found a way to get it down. both clubs at some point had
12:23 am
their backs against the wall. we had did in cincinnati and they found a way to get it done. so i think it says a lot about the character of the clubs and how hard they fight and it should be a
12:24 am
12:25 am
12:26 am
. los gatos noitive j.j. al medinger drove for phoenix race and finished 4th. now you think driving side-by- side 200 miles per hour is
12:27 am
scary, check this. . wow. dale earnhardt, jr. is out with a concussion. points leader brad keselowski led, but ran out of gas. he took a pit-stop and fell from 5th to 10th, guys check out the gas gaith clint bowyer builds the fourth different winner. and just when you think there is just way too much sporting events in the bay area this weekend we lade to san martin for the open where a california native is trying to win his first pg&e event. 33-year-old john mallinger was
12:28 am
hitting sweet spots on his irons. john mallinger from escondido, enjoys a 2-shot lead after 54 holes. three birdies, two bogeys for mallinger. and the highly anticipated starts here on ktvu. the 49ers players are talking about is redemption from last year's overnight loss that most people say san francisco lost -- giants are sputtering. >> for me, it's the giants are a really good team. they are the defending super
12:29 am
bowl champions and that more than anything is out there. and a chance for us to get a big win. >> both teams are difference. even looking at last year's tape of us, a lot of faces have changed here and there, and that is the nature of this game. so can't get caught up too much in last year and what was going on. think both of us are different. and get your popcorn ready. ten straight hours of sports starting at 10:00 a.m. between dallas and the baltimore ravens and then the niners and then it's the baseball and then it's postgame. take the remote away: >> that is right. >> honker down ten hours. >> until the baseball game and postgame is over. >> and the 10:00 news. >> that is right. >> thank you, fred. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time newsbreak. >> join us for coverage of tomorrow's 49ers and giants game. >> one more live picture

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on 10/14/2012